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The University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) Libraries, in partnership with the Virgin Islands Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums (DLAM) was awarded a National Leadership grant for digitization from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) in 2000. The Project seeks to enhance access to sources of information on Virgin Islands' history and culture for scholars, students, historians, and researchers in the territory and abroad. The award was given for the purpose of digitizing U. S. Virgin Islands' materials in areas of biography, education, history and culture for access on the World Wide Web. Materials were drawn from the libraries' collections. The documents include:

Funeral Booklets - developed for memorial services detailing life and family history of the deceased

Historical Photographs - documenting events in political and social life of Virgin Islanders

Newspaper Articles - commentaries written by local ecologist Olasee Davis to highlight environmental, historical, and cultural issues

Project Introspection materials - developed by the Virgin Islands' Department of Education to document and explain history and customs of Virgin Islanders and used in the K-12 school program

Research Reports and Occasional Papers - findings on agricultural, home economics practices, and historical events of the region

The documents can be searched through the UVI Libraries online catalog, or you may use the buttons on the left to browse the collection.

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